First Foods — a Workshop!

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Feeding

Nat loved her broccoli, even from the start!

I’m teaching a “First Foods” workshop at LifeWorks Studio starting next friday! It’s an intro to Baby-Led Weaning and Stress-Less Baby Feeding.

Forget store-bought baby food or bulky appliances and slaving over making your own. Babies can eat “real” food, right from the start!

Participants will receive a copy if the book “Baby-Led Weaning” and $5 off if you register by May 30th *TODAY!*

4 weeks, June 6th-June 27th, 1:30-2:30pm. $80 ($75 if registered by May 30th); Held at LifeWorks Studio, 50 Castle St., Great Barrington MA.

To register click here  and RSVP on the Facebook Event Page here

Yay for real food, from the start!



Welcome to the world Gabriella!

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

Gabriella (Gabby) Patricia  joined our family, after a whole lot of waiting, last Friday in the wee hours of the morning. She was 42 weeks and 4 days — just shy of 3 weeks “overdue.”

We had been planning a home waterbirth. Do you know that with kids, and anything in life really, plans don’t always work out? hah. Her insistence on waiting those extra weeks led us to decide to head off to a nearby hospital to try some help with labor induction last Thursday. I will go into more details in a future post — but we basically decided to do our best to get her out that day. We had been having weeks of early labor and spent a long day and night earlier in the week trying natural induction techniques, with little result but lots of frustration.

It was time.

{Warning — nothing too graphic ahead but some details… I know my brothers don’t want to read this! hah!}

So in the hospital we chose to use a synthetic cervical ripener called Cervidil, plus lots of walking the halls and some breast pumping…and after about 7 hours of all of that, things really kicked in — it was crazy intense and between 9:30pm and 1:30pm I went from 2 cm to fully dilated to pushing! She was out in three huge pushes. CRAZY. She was born in the caul — a membrane of the amniotic sac — which is supposedly good luck! She also had the longest cord the midwife had ever seen, wrapped around her neck three times — which really isn’t an issue at all, really. AMAZING.

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

guess who gave me that necklace to wear? “Because you’re my special girl”

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

Like I said, I will write more later. I have to say I don’t think I could have done it without my team of midwives and doulas/friends and my amazing husband. They were AMAZING. So supportive. Our homebirth midwives helped us throughout the pregnancy and earlier last week in our attempts at home (we all thought I was in labor on Monday night…not much sleep for anyone!), as well as in the transition to the hospital, and then our doulas took over from there and a friend who happens to be a midwife there (why we chose that hospital!) was our constant advocate and coach through the whole day there. I can’t say enough about their help and advocacy, support and faith. AH-MAZING.

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth\ Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

Proud Big Sister helping with the first bath!

We stayed in the hospital a day and a half after she was born, and enjoyed the room service and the little break from parenting Natalie (thank you Grammy!). She came to visit and meet her baby sister on Friday morning and she is clearly in love. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go to school this morning — she said she’d miss her baby sister! Too cute.

Laurie Coyle, Holistic Health Coach; Pregnancy and Baby, Parenting, Birth

So. We are a family of four. Amazing. I guess I keep saying that. But it truly is miraculous. Also totally natural and something that happens every day, to families everywhere — but… wow! We are resting now at home and looking forward to introducing Gabby to everyone who has been eagerly awaiting her arrival for so long now. She has so many people who already love her. Blessings everywhere.



“Still Here”

Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching -- Holistic Health Coaching -- Baby Belly After a Wedding

Still here.

Still. Here.

“Still here?” “Yup. Still here.”

This exchange happens a few times a day lately. And will increase in frequency as we get farther from our due-date, which was this past monday. It’s a good reminder, actually.

Yes, I’m feeling still. And at times, I’m feeling here, present.

And, I’m still here, still on this side of becoming a mother of two. On this side of the work of childbirth. On this side of newborn-haze-land-baby-bliss-sleep-deprivation-lala-land.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in stillness lately, in meditation. In ceremony. In communion with other women and mamas and babies and families and family members and 3 year-olds.

And in non-stillness. So much has happened lately that I can’t find words for. I went so deep inside myself in a Kundalini meditation SLASH neuroscience retreat at Kriplau, I still can’t really talk about it (Dr. Joe Dispenza‘s Progressive Workshop — highly recommended it if you like knowing how your mind works and finding peace within the chaos of change!). I have been celebrated many times in varying ways for my impending arrival into motherhood of two. Dinners and surprises and massages and parties and a more-than-special baby “sprinkle” (the “shower” is for the first one!) and a gorgeous Blessingway that was so powerful and helped me feel more supported than I knew was possible.

Then yesterday I had a wonderous shamanic energy healing session/journey with my friend Amy (she owns Sruti Yoga Center — if you’re nearby, check it out!). I am really

getting ready this time around. I know birth is a huge initiation for any woman, no matter how or where she chooses to give birth, and as I peer around the corner of this huge transition, even though I know my body is capable of this work (I did it once before, after all!), I see how huge and important it is to feel supported. To not feel alone. To remember the work of millions of women before me and to come after me. To connect and feel the strength of my community, as well as my body and spirit. I CAN DO THIS! Rawr! hah! 

Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching -- Holistic Health Coaching -- Mama and daughter in Birth Tub, testing Birth Tub for Baby #2

Testing the birth tub to be sure it fits; and painting the living room.

So… in the meantime, we wait. Natalie decided to wait a few weeks after her due date to arrive, so we knew it was likely that this little lady would wait a bit longer than that predicted date. And I’m in no rush. I’m still here. She’s still in there. And we are enjoying our days of stillness and presence. I hope to bring some of that with me to the birth and to the other side of birth, hoping that in the wee hours of the night when I’m up with this being who needs all of me, that I can be still, and present, and hold space for her and for me and my needs. And to connect with those around me and those who have come before me and will come after me, to remember that we’re all in this together and there’s no other answer than love and breath.

Still. Here. Now.


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Snow Day

Our day… was snowy.

Filled with gazing out the window at the heavy snowfall, watching birds at the bird-feeder, playing in the snow and shoveling, catching flakes on our tongues, a Valentine-making factory, Montessori-themed iPad apps, some sleepy smiles (and no nap), midwife role playing, some Netfix-watching, and baby-doll-washing. Pretty perfect, for a mid-week somewhat unexpected day off.

I had a brief moment where I felt like I should be “doing something” — but I took a breath and reminded myself that, no, this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I did get a few minutes to read on my own, while the girl played quietly by herself in her room (breakthrough!) — and it seemed that was just enough “me-myself time” to make the day manageable. She was pretty excited to go out in the snow again when Daddy got home — and they were out till dark, building tunnels and igloos!

Good stuff. Balance. Quiet. Slow. Relaxed. Open. Content.

Overnight Accumulation; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life

Montessori Apps FTW; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life Snowmageddon 2014; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life Snowy Sillies; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life Snowy Smiles; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life Sleepy Smiles; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life Valentine Factory; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life Baby Washing; Laurie Coyle Life Design Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching, Whole Life


Putting Yourself First

Do you ever let yourself stop? Take a break? Slow down? Rest?

Or in more extreme circumstances…. Put something on hold, or even….give up? Quit?

I don’t really do much of this…I’m a hustler (and a little bit of a perfectionist) at heart.  Though my less-than-stellar attention span allows me to take little breaks now and then, to hop on over to something else, get really excited about something new and shiny, and possibly not come back to the task at hand until it’s urgent.

When I’m feeling on the verge of burnout, however? Or something like my kiddo needing me, one of us coming down with an illness, or something more urgent like the death of a loved one or any other emergency… I allow myself to stop — or, rather, the circumstance forces me to stop. I’m reminded that nothing is more important than the health and happiness of my family.

…My own health and happiness?… well… that takes a back seat sometimes.

Unless I’m pregnant. Because my health (and happiness, truly) can effect the health and future of this little being, not just me. It’s pretty universally accepted that we have to take good care of our pregnant mamas, because they’re holding within them the seeds of the future. I get it, and I feel it from others, I truly appreciate the reverence for me and this being I’m working (pretty darn hard if I do say so myself) to bring into the world in a healthy, happy way.

Some days, though, I sort of forget. Forget to put myself (and this baby!) first. I also don’t think we should celebrate and care for ourselves in pregnancy more than in “regular life” — we could ALWAYS be taking such good care of ourselves. I get that we can’t always do that, though, or don’t always prioritize self-care until it’s somewhat urgent.

So… what if we changed that?

What would it look like to put yourself first, on a regular basis? Without a health emergency looming?

It’s also pretty universally recognized that to have the healthiest pregnancy possible you would want to be in the best shape you can be before getting pregnant. Would that knowledge change how you treat yourself? If you could think about those future generations being effected by how you act/what you eat/what you think/drink in those years leading up to pregnancy (if that’s your thing)?

I know I only became aware of that connection when I was trying to get pregnant and not having immedate success. I wasn’t very healthy; I was overweight and my doctors suspected I had something like PCOS or a thyroid condition. Thankfully (though frustrating at the time to not have a diagnosis and a magic pill that could “fix” me) there wasn’t anything seriously wrong, and I was able to alter my diet and lifestyle enough for my body to find better balance and health, able to grow and birth my daughter in a super happy and healthy way. And to do it all again with relative ease a few years later!

I’m so grateful for the education I’ve had in health and wellness in the last few years. It’s opened my eyes to how blind I was to the effect self-care and awareness of eating and thinking habits have on my everyday life.

In finding this focus on self-care, I’ve been lucky enough to align it with my business mission of helping women all over the world to learn to be happy, healthy and wealthy. I am hoping to inspire countless women to align their home, health and work with their true life’s purpose, and to do this work in the most centered, holistic and healthy way.

With all of that in mind, as I build my business AND grow my family, I have realized in some ways that I’m not walking my talk.

Truth time!

I have been burning the candle at both ends, striving, pushing and stressing out to get things together so I can take time off in March and April to welcome this baby.

Hurrying up to slow down. Pushing so I can rest.

Not that this isn’t sometimes the way things go, and I’m not saying it’s not ok to push sometimes, to hustle. My message of balance, self-care and wellness, though? If I’m not walking my talk then I can’t very well be a good spokesperson for that message. And I truly believe it is the key to lasting whole-life wellness.

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve been relatively well, though at times succumbing to intense fatigue, awful nausea and pretty constant heartburn. Not to mention the other random bodily pains and stiffness.

It seems I’ve put my health and that of the baby on autopilot — I’m getting regular chiropractic care, massages and support from my midwives. This has all been well and good, and we’ve been lucky to be healthy and having a pretty uneventful pregnancy. It’s normal to be uncomfortable and tired when pregnant. Right?

Well, I’m going to see how much I can turn that around.

I’d like to feel vibrant.

I’d like the journey to reflect the destination (thank you Danielle LaPorte and The Desire Map for that one!). I’d like to feel relaxed and well as much as possible, not just at the last possible moment and because I’m somehow forced to slow down.

I’d like to take the compliment that I’m glowing — I’d like to believe it, to feel it. And I’d like to put myself first.

:::::::big breath::::::::::

One of the things I’ve been striving/pushing/stressing about was my upcoming online group coaching program, THRIVE, which is all about self-care, detoxing and decluttering all that’s holding you back in your body, home, calendar, relationships and work. It had been scheduled to being on December 30th, and I postponed it to February 11th. It’s really hard for me to say this, for fear of looking totally flaky, among other adjectives — I’ve decided to cancel it once again.

This was a big decision. I had been planning to hold free preview calls starting this weekend, and launch it in a big way this week.

My computer kept crashing. Nothing seemed to be working. I wasn’t feeling well. I was soooo tired. My assistant was having trouble on her end. Technology wasn’t on our side, and we were pushing up against a close deadline. Too close.

I wondered if I was just scared. This was something new for me, something bigger than I had ever previously put together. Free preview calls were new for me, this type of launch was new, and the format of this class was to have guest speakers and me record audios and videos that I would send out to participants at various intervals, plus live webinars during the course. All new to me.

I was out of my comfort zone. So was I just scared, or was it totally impractical and causing me too much stress??

Nevermind being pregnant & raising a 3 year old, then there’s the everyday work of marriage, housekeeping (who am I kidding, my house is never clean. sorry.), groceries/cooking….plus I’m still in school, in the Integrative Nutrition Immersion Program!

Yet I know women who have done it. Done all of this. Launched a big program while giving birth, while having another young child at home. And it looked relatively easy.

So what’s wrong with me?

Truth time:

Nothing is wrong with me. I’m not a failure.

It’s hard. I’m having trouble. I’m stressing out. And different things are harder and easier for different people. Everyone has different tolernces for “hard” and stress, and different comfort levels with, say, technology, or dirty floors. We all have different zones of genius (turns out mine is decidedly NOT within mailing list/payment integration software), and different experience levels and knowledge that we bring to each moment, each project.

The mentor I’m mentally comparing myself to? She had held similar programs before. She wasn’t reinventing/creating a whole new way of doing business for herself while also giving  birth. She had structures and systems already in place and was able to launch during her maternity leave because it was all set up in advance. And I’m sure it WASN’T easy — I just wasn’t in her house, seeing how it all worked. She didn’t do a behind-the-scenes video to show us how messy her house was or how sleep-deprived she was.

I’m not saying anyone should do that, either. It was very inspirational to see how she did it, and how she made it *look* easy.

And now I’m here to tell you that I’ve decided not to do it. To let go of striving/pushing/stressing, at least for the time being. Sure I’ll re-launch in the summer, and I’m sure I’ll encounter some stress around it (stress is an inevitable part of life! It keeps us on our toes! I’m all for stretching out of your comfort zone!), and I’m also going to commit to doing a better job of taking care of MYSELF first, so it can be easier. More joyful. I’m giving myself TIME to make it easier, to not have to push so hard.

I’m not really big on the words “giving up” — however, “letting go” is a phrase I can get behind. The vision board I made in my New Year’s Eve Vision Board Party has very few words on it. Two of the phrases I chose to include were:

"The Incredible Lightness of Less"


"It's not a luxury to take care of yourself, it's a necessity."

I’m taking those words to heart today. I’m letting go of some of the striving.

I will be back with some serious hustle, no worry about that, but today, today I’m going to take some deep breaths and just be. Put my hands on my belly and be with this being growing so amazingly within my body. Here we are, fears, flaws and all. And we’re not going anywhere.


P.S. Putting this program on hold has opened my schedule up a bit for the next month — so if you’re feeling ready to put yourself first and get some 1:1 time coaching with me, now’s the time! I’ll be taking a break for most of March and April. Click HERE register for a one-hour Breakthrough to Clarity coaching session. If you’re not called, no worries — we can catch up again in May!

P.P.S. I’m still going to hold the February 2nd and March 2nd Vision Board Parties — they are so fun and ALL ABOUT the self-care! Music, chocolate, collaging — what could be better?! We’ll do a little writing and meditation, too. It’s so much fun and I hope you will join us if you’re in the neighborhood. Details HERE.


Have you ever typed the word “Decluttering” into a word processor? It isn’t a recognized word. What? I think it’s one of the most important words in our language today, and certainly deserves better treatment than that!

It’s not only an important word and concept, but it’s one of the most important practices. How often do you declutter? Do you clear off your desk each morning or evening? Or clear the dining room table so you can have a clutter-free dining experience every night? Does the mail get sorted and filed as soon as it comes in the door? Or does it languish in a pile, left to the gods of chaos to claim as their own?

Ok maybe that’s a little melodramatic…. but those plies! They can suck energy right out of you, just with a sideways glance and a “I should really deal with that” thought. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I had been leaving my basement studio/office in a state of disarray for about 3 weeks. I finally got up the energy to tackle it once again when I really needed to be working at my desk and couldn’t really find it. My mom and I had done a massive decluttering project this fall, complete with dumpster. I was AMAZED that we had enough trash/recycling to fill that thing! It was huge! Thankfully we bought the type where they will sort through it and recycle anything that is recyclable, but it still felt crazy that we were holding on to so much excess STUFF.

Laurie Coyle Life Design Coach - Whole Life Decluttering Dumpster

So we spent weeks sorting, trashing, organizing and stashing. We found a home for everything and it felt amazing. Expansive. Divine. Sacred, really. I was starting to feel that even-though-this-isn’t-my-dream-house I could actually breathe here, and relax, enjoy and feel at home. We’ve only lived here for 8 years — it was about time I had this feeling!

The amazing thing was, though, that after the holidays threw up all over my studio (and by that graphic imagery I mean we used it as a dumping station for gifts-yet-to-be-delivered/wrapped, packaging, wrapping and crafting; it was fair game for anyone in our family to leave a project unfinished and it was all things but the clear and clean workspace it had ever so briefly become this fall), I was able to rather quickly return it to it’s previous clutter-free state. There was a PLACE for EVERYTHING. Shocking. Amazing. Easy. :::::aaahhhhh::::::

Laurie Coyle Holistic Health Coach, Life Design Coach, Whole Life Decluttering Before and After


Laurie Coyle Holistic Health Coach, Life Design Coach, Whole Life Decluttering Before and After 2


I had been avoiding the decluttering partly because I was frustrated with myself for letting it get this bad again after the massive purge project of the fall. I was also unsure where to start! I remember feeling that way before, and this time WAS different because once I started I realized that since there really was a place for everything, it wasn’t so hard. It didn’t even take that long!

I will say this, though, that even if you’re just embarking on a big project like clearing out/making space/decluttering, there are two keys to keep in mind:

#1. Start anywhere; it doesn’t matter where you begin, as long as you BEGIN. Try to focus on one area at a time and try not to get distracted by a new project as you unearth them. One thing at a time. Focus!

#2: Don’t try to declutter AND organize at the same time. Leonie Dawson has a great term for this: “Organizing + Decluttering = Organuttering” — whatever you call it, though, don’t do it! If something has a proper home, put it there. If, however, everything is going to need to be organized and sorted and a proper place made or labelled, wait until you are done with the first layer of decluttering. Get rid of the garbage, recycling, and things-that-don’t-belong. One of my favorite tricks is to take a box or a laundry basket and collect everything that doesn’t belong in the room. If things aren’t too bad you can even do it for a whole floor of your house at a time. Once you have everything collected, THEN you can get to work putting it away, finding homes or getting rid of it.

I also find it helps to have a buddy for this type of project. My mom is a Virgo and AMAZING at organizing, as well as having a ruthless sorting instinct that doesn’t let me keep things that I don’t love or are broken or what have you. She’s also really key in getting the stuff that doesn’t belong OUT of my house. She has volunteered more times than I can count to take my boxes and bags of things-that-aren’t-broken-but-I-don’t-want-anymore off to the thrift shop for me! (She knows me too well, and knows that I’d leave it in my barn or in the trunk of my car for way too long, and might even peek back in the bag and reclaim something I’d previously tossed and wouldn’t have missed if it had just disappeared!). A partner-in-crime is key to this kind of project! (That is to say, Thanks, Mom!)

Once you get started it can even be kind of fun. I tend to get overwhelmed at first and need to take frequent breaks — that’s ok! The rewards are definitely worth the work and the overwhelm. As things get clearer, space gets more open and the dust settles, the calm and peace this type of project can bring really can ripple out into the rest of your life. For me a clearer workspace means I am more productive during my work hours and I feel more focused. A clearer kitchen table means we can sit down to eat together and even invite friends over without a mad scramble to stash things in cupboards to clear space for them to sit down. Peace, space, calm, openness. Yum!

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Do You Give Yourself Time to Renew and Reflect?

Post-Holiday Detox with Laurie CoyleHappy New Year!

I’m so curious — what are your resolutions?

I’m not a HUGE fan of resolutions for resolutions sake, but if you have some things in your life/work/health that you’d like to change…what better time than the beginning of a new year to vow to change them!

There are a zillion and one ways to begin walking down the path toward a new you/a new job/a new lease on life through better health, eh? So many programs and self-help books and silent retreats and you name it!

How do you choose what to go after? How do you trust your instincts and listen to your heart when there are so many crazy messages coming your way every day from every angle?

On of my favorite things to do is switch off. Unplug. Step away from the facebook! Seriously, though, it can be so healing and grounding to spend even a few hours away from our phones or tablets or computers, and in the company of ourselves. The holidays are so crazy and hectic for most of us, and if we’re lucky we did spend some time with those we love, hopefully not checking our phones every 5 minutes hoping for a message from the outside world.

Thing is, even if you disconnected for that time, if you didn’t build in some time for rest and relaxation, alone time to reflect and renew, it doesn’t really *count* — at least not in my book. Sure it’s great. However, the time to reflect is sooo key in this time of year. Going inward. Getting clear on your next steps.

How do you tap into your inner guidance?

I like to write. My morning pages have become something I crave, not just an assignment from The Artist’s Way — it’s a gift I give to myself and it always results in clearer thinking throughout the day, better organization and more clear intentions and actions. I also like to look back on old to-do lists and idea notebooks if I’m at a loss. So helpful — it’s like little messages in a bottle from my past self to my future self!

Another way to rest, renew and reflect is to take part in something like my Post-Holiday Detox. I’m not sitting here just trying to sell you something — I truly see it as a perfect way to start the New Year — to cleanse out the old and bring in the new, with those clarified intentions and actions. To decide that you are in charge of your own body, mind, spirit and health, and that you want to take control of it once again.

During the detox we spend quite a bit of time writing and reflecting — which is one of the best ways to find out what foods, people and activities nourish your body and mind and which are wreaking havoc on your system. We usually know, deep down, but have to clear away the gunk so we can really see the truth. And it feels soooo good to get clear in this way.

So if you’d like to join us, now’s the time! We have our kick-off group coaching call tonight, and then we start with the 4-day pre-detox phase on Monday morning.

You can join in and read more HERE.

I’d truly love to have you along for the journey and support you in any way I can through your process toward a new you for this new year.

To your artful, healthy life,


Calendar + Print Giveaway winner!

Laurie Coyle Life Design Coach, The Question is Irrelevant, Love is the Answer art print


The calendar and print giveaway winner is Danielle! I’ll be in touch to send you your prizes — congrats!

As I said, I’m most looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family in March of this coming year — and I’m also looking forward to leading groups through life/health coaching and detoxing! I’m really really excited about all the possibilities that this year brings — yes some challenges, but I think I’m prepared (or getting prepared!) to face them. I’m feeling pretty organized and focused, which is awesome. Decluttering my office space has made such a huge difference in the way I’m able to work and think and create — it literally and figuratively made space for new things to come in!

Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014 for you — I’d love to hear more about what the year has in store for you — professionally and personally. What’s your word going to be for 2014? Mine is NOTICE. Yup. Slowing down, being present, noticing. Yum.



2014 Calendar + Print Giveaway!

Laurie Coyle Life Design Coach, Inspired Words 2014 Calendar GiveawayI’m giving away a calendar to one lucky reader — AND I’m throwing in a gorgeous 8 x 10″ Archival Print of the cover image — “The Question is Irrelevant, Love is the Answer.” What a lucky duck the winner will be!

Laurie Coyle Life Design Coach, The Question is Irrelevant, Love is the Answer art print

To enter this giveaway for a 2014 Calendar (value: $17.99) PLUS an 8 x 10″ Archival Print of the cover image — “The Question is Irrelevant, Love is the Answer” (value $20)* all you need to do is one or all of the following (each gets an entry):

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Then be sure to leave me a comment below, telling me which you did! 

Entries are open through midnight EST on Sunday December 15th; I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 16th. Good Luck!


*Entries are open to anyone, anywhere — however if the winner is a resident of a country other than the US, the prize will be printable copies of both the calendar and print, sent electronically.

(if you’re reading this and there appears to be no “comment” space — click on the title of the post, and you should see the comment box appear at the bottom of the post!)


Cards, Calendars, and Prints, oh my!

Laurie Coyle Designs Art Business Coaching, Green Bird, Cyber Week Sale

I’m joining in on the fun with a “Cyber Week” Sale — EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop is 50% off with code HOLIDAY50. That includes the newly released 2014 Calendar; Inspired Words, as well as all the cards, new and old favorite prints AND a few original paintings. Lots of birds, veggies and affirmations for your Holiday Gifting pleasure — head on over to the shop to see what’s there: SHOP NOW

Sale ends Friday 12/6 at midnight! 

Laurie Coyle Designs, I do it for the Joy it Brings, archival print, Art Business Coaching